5 Ways to Celebrate Global Running Day

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What is Global Running Day?

Global Running Day is a worldwide celebration that encourages everybody from all running levels to get moving. No matter if you go out for a run around the block or finish 10 miles, this day is for you!

With everything happening in the world due to COVID-19, many people are using running as an outlet for mental health, maintain physical fitness, and as a way to get some fresh air.

When is Global Running Day?

Global Running Day is held every year on the first Wednesday of June. This year, it will be on June 3, 2020.

5 ways to celebrate Global Running Day

1. Pledge to Run

Take the pledge to run on June 3rd!

If you haven’t run before this is the perfect way to start your journey. If you’re a seasoned runner, it’s a great day to set a personal record or test your endurance with a long run. It doesn’t have to be fast or a specific distance.

The purpose of this day is to commit to being active. Share this pledge with your friends and family to get them to join you and use the hashtags #GlobalRunningDay #Run4theCulture

2. Run With Friends

What better way to celebrate an event than being with friends? Get a small group of friends together and head out for a run.

Encourage new runners to join you. Make it fun and race to the mailbox or down the street.

If you’re a little hesitant with being around groups of people, you can use apps like Nike Run Club, Strava, or Map My Run to connect with friends and track their runs.

3. Sign-Up for a Virtual Race

If you’ve been missing the thrill of competing with others, you can sign up for virtual races.

A virtual race is a great alternative to an actual race because you are able to run in your own neighborhood and submit your results online. Just be sure you have an accurate tracking device or app.

Once the “race” is over, you’ll be able to see how everyone did and where you would have placed. Some companies will even mail you a T-shirt and/or medal for finishing the race!

Here are a few virtual challenges/races that are taking place around Global Running Day:

  1. NYRR 1 Mile Virtual Run 
  2. Black Girls RUN! Global Running Day Virtual Challenge
  3. Global Running Day 5K Virtual Race
  4. Margarita 5K & 10K Virtual Run
  5. Hero Hustle 1mi, 5K, & 10K  Virtual Race

4. Run a New Trail

One of the great things about running is that you can explore new areas and really take in the scenery because you are on foot. Try running on a new path or visit a new park.

If it’s safe to do so, run in the morning to catch the sunrise or in the evening for the sunset.

It’s amazing how much we can overlook just by being stuck in the same routines or running the same routes.

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5. Get New Gear

Have you been waiting for the right time to buy new shoes or a fitness tracker? Use Global Running Day as an excuse to get new gear. With summer quickly approaching, it’s important to have your sweat-resistant headbands, shorts, and sunglasses on deck. If you enjoy running in your sports bras during the hotter months, then why not purchase a few new ones?

I encourage you to visit your local running stores before heading to larger, well-known stores. They are typically owned by runners and can not only provide you with the products you’re looking for but also give you great running advice. Plus we love to support our small businesses!

Are you celebrating Global Running Day? Share your pictures and videos on social media using the hashtags #GlobalRunningDay and #Run4theCulture.

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Happy Running!

How to Celebrate Global Running Day

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