8 Ways to Drink More Water

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The amount of water that you need depends on a lot of different factors including diet, weight, and how much physical activity you do – such as running.

However, many people struggle with drinking enough water every day because they don’t like the taste, forget, or don’t know why it’s important.

A good way to figure out how much water you need to drink is to take your weight in pounds and divide it in half. That will give you a good estimate of how many ounces of water to drink per day.

Keep in mind that this is just the guideline for the average person.

If you’re a runner or do any type of physical activity throughout the day, you may need to drink more water to stay hydrated – especially during the summer.

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8 ways to help you drink more water:

1. Develop a Routine

Try to plan out your day and include times that you can drink a cup of water. Some examples could be when you wake up in the morning, before your meals, or as soon as you come home for work.

If you make it a habit to drink water at certain points of your day, you’re more likely to continue to do it without even thinking about it.

2. Use Larger Bottles

gallon sized motivational waterbottle
It’s hard to constantly remember to fill up your small 12 or 16-ounce water bottles. Or if you’re using plastic water bottles, you have to be sure you have enough bottles on hand to make it through the day.

Take out the guesswork and constant trips to the water cooler by investing in a larger water bottle.

It’s great because it’s large enough to hold all the water I need during the day and it comes with a handle and carrying strap so it’s not hard to lug around.

This brand also has a water bottle carrier if you want to be stylish and carry it on your shoulder or keep your hands free.

Plus it comes with a reusable straw which is pretty easy to clean and a lid to help prevent spills. I take this bottle with me everywhere I go so I can always stay hydrated.

If you don’t want the gallon size, they have smaller options and it comes in several different colors with different handles.

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3. Keep it Close

Keep your water bottle or cup close to you at all times. No matter where you are, your water should be near you. Keep it next to your computer in the office.

Make sure you have water when you go for a drive.  If it’s always in your view, you’re more likely to drink it.

Don’t believe me?

Ever sat next to a box of cookies or a bowl full of candy? You can’t help but see it so you’re more likely to eat some. The same is true for your water.

4. Track Your Water

water bottle with time tracker
You can set reminders or alarms on your phone to help you remember to drink water.

There are also great apps on your phone that you can use to set the amount of water you want to drink in a day and how often you want to be reminded to drink.

Some common apps include Daily Water, Hydro Coach, and Plant Nanny.

If alarms and notifications are more annoying than helpful to you, try getting a water bottle with a time tracker. It will challenge you to drink enough water before the designated time.

5. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

You don’t have to stay hydrated by just drinking water.

Did you know that there are plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain mostly water? By adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet, you’ll not only stay hydrated, but you’ll also get important nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy.

There are plenty of foods that can help you increase your fluids.

Foods That Help Keep You Hydrated:

  • Strawberries
  • Broccoli
  • Watermelon
  • Zucchini
  • Kiwi
  • Cauliflower

6. Set Goals

How much water do you normally drink a day? If you can’t remember how much water you drink, but can remember the amount of juice or soda, then that’s where you should start.

Set a goal to drink a certain amount of ounces before and after you grab that soda.

These motivational water bottles are great for helping you reach your goal because they not only have the time of day to keep you on track, but they also list the number of ounces you drank.

Read More: How to make SMART Goals

7. Switch to Sparkling Water

If you really miss that carbonation from soda or just want to add a little kick to your water, try switching to sparkling water. You’ll still get the fizzy taste you crave without all the added sweeteners or calories.

There are plenty of companies that make sparkling water such as Waterloo, La Croix, or Bubly.

8. Add Some Flavor

fruit infused water bottle
If you don’t want to put the fruit directly in your water (because fruit does get slimy after sitting in water for so long), you can opt to buy water bottles that come with strainers.

Final Thoughts on Increasing Your Daily Water Intake

The summertime is where you’ll find more people drinking water because of the increase in temperatures and spending more time outside. However, you should try to be mindful of how much water you’re drinking in the cooler months as well.

Just because you aren’t hot or sweaty, doesn’t mean you aren’t thirsty!

Reminder. If your goal is to drink more water, it’s important to sip not chug.

Drinking too much water too quickly will cause your body to flush out the excess water through your urine.

What are some things that have helped you drink more water?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Great advice! I picked up a 1L Brita bottle with the self filtration option – I like the taste of water here better when it has been filtered, but was always forgetting to refill the Brita pitcher when it ran out. This has has a HUGE positive impact on my water consumption!

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