Copper Compression PowerKnit Review

Why Should Runners Use Compression Sleeves?

Many athletes have vouched for the positive effects that compression sleeves have on their overall performance and ability to recover from workouts and injuries.

Wearing compression can help to increase the amount of blood flowing to your muscles which may improve your recovery times and lead to more effective warm-up routines since your muscles are able to get warm faster.

It has been said that compression can help reduce muscle fatigue by increasing blood circulation which helps to continuously provide oxygen to all parts of your body.

Other benefits of using compression can include:

  • Helps Build Endurance
  • Relieves Pain
  • Prevents Muscle Tightness
  • Reduce Swelling
  • Prevent Injury

I don’t know about you but those are enough reasons for me to at least try out some compression gear and see if I can make it a part of my weekly recovery routine.

Copper Compression PowerKnit Technology Review

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Even if you aren’t new to compression, not every company makes them the same way. Think about your favorite pair of shoes or jeans. There is nothing like having the RIGHT material.

That’s why the folks at Copper Compression took it upon themselves to create the best material for athletes. They know how much stress runners put on their bodies to give their best performance day in and day out.

When you are recovering from a hard workout or treating an injury, you deserve to have high-quality products that provide support without restricting you from your everyday movements.

With the new PowerKnit collection, Copper Compression did exactly that. You can run, lift, do yoga, or any activity and still feel supported. Plus, the fabric is lightweight which means you can wear it throughout all the seasons. 

Even though the fabric is lighter, it doesn’t seem like this brand made any compromises on the quality of the material. The seamless material provides steady compression throughout the entirety of the sleeves.  This allows maximum support regardless of how you move.

Overall, some of my favorite things about the PowerKnit collection are that it’s

  • Comfortable 
  • Breathable
  • Doesn’t Slip
  • Supportive without being restrictive 

Try any of the products from the PowerKnit collection here. Use My code Run4theculture to receive 20% off!

PowerKnit Products

There are three products available from the PowerKnit collection that I was able to try. 

They are:

  1. Shoulder Brace – supports the shoulder joint and controls rotation
  2. Knee Sleeve – helps to reduce pain and/or swelling in the knee
  3. Elbow Sleeve – supports fatigue during heavy weight lifting (think bench press!)

Overall Fit

All of the products from this collection were snug enough to provide support without feeling like your arms or legs are suffocating. The material is also lightweight so there is no need to worry about overheating – which is very important if you’re like me and live in the south during the summer months. 

In addition to the shoulder brace and knee/elbow sleeves being breathable, the seamless design allows for total comfort so you do not have to worry about putting it on “just right” to prevent unnecessary rubbing, scratching, or irritation. 

Even after a few trips to the washing machine, I noticed that the sleeves never lost their shape. Like all of the products from Copper Compression, the PowerKnit collection is infused with Copper so you can have full confidence that the protective layer will not wear off or get washed away. 

That being said, I would not recommend putting these in the dryer. Air dry is the way to go!

Support During Runs

Whether you’re running, jumping, lifting, or skipping down the street, the PowerKnit collection stays put to provide maximum support the entire time. Thanks to the silicone grips sewn into the products, I was able to get full compression during a 3-mile run without having to worry about adjusting my knee sleeve. 

I also appreciated that since the material is infused with anti-odor technology, I did not notice any type of unpleasant scent after multiple uses. And let me tell you, I shower often but when it’s hot and humid, your clothes may lock in all that sweat. This is what causes odor if you don’t immediately wash or soak items. 

Thankfully, I did not have that problem with these products.

While I didn’t run in the shoulder brace, I did do activities that required me to have a wide range of motion such as cleaning and doing laundry. I did not feel restricted with the brace on even though there was a velcro strap around my upper waist to keep the brace in the correct spot. 

My only con is that because there is a velcro strap, you have to be aware of the type of material that you wear with the brace because you may get it caught in the velcro. This also includes anyone who wears braids, dreads, etc. I definitely got my box braids caught a few times!

Final Thoughts About the PowerKnit Sleeves and Brace

Overall, the PowerKnit collection is a great product to have if you are new to using compression or are looking to upgrade your old items. As I get older, I’m learning the importance of rest and recovery and these products support my vision to be the best runner that I can be for many years to come.

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PowerKnit Compression Review

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